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A chimney is perfect for a specific point of operation. That said, if a biofuel furnace is still utilized during the year, the natural chimney draught won’t always permit optimum conditions for operation.

The natural chimney draught differs throughout the year, and if a biofuel furnace doesn’t have enough draught, it can result in troubles such as soot deposits, difficulty lighting, the fire going out, or the flue gas failing to discharge.

Poor combustion can come from an inadequate chimney draught, and therefore result in insufficient fuel use.

Using an exodraft chimney fan solution, you can regulate the chimney draught with accuracy and bypass issues no matter what season it is, or what type of weather conditions you’re in.

The exodraft chimney fan system for biofuel furnaces is comprised of a chimney fan RS or RSV with an axial impeller and the related accessories and controls. With an EFC15, EFC16, EFC18, or EFC35 regulator, the chimney draught can be modified manually as required.

The EFC18 comes equipped with a temperature sensor, ensuring that the fan runs automatically, as long as this hasn’t been done manually prior to the fire being lit.

Regular control of pressure from optimum fuel use

The EBC20 control automatically controls how fast the chimney fan moves, allowing regular pressure to be operated within the chimney and offering efficient furnace combustive conditions.

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