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Air is a required element of the combustion process and there won’t be a sufficient result if there is no regulation of air supply.

The chimney draught is stimulated by elements like the chimney’s width and height, in addition to outside elements like seasonal wind conditions and temperatures. The current draught isn’t necessarily the same as the alternating draft necessities of multiple boilers.

An exodraft chimney fan system for an oil-fired boiler properly regulates the draught and takes into consideration the fluctuating draught needs of the boiler.

In oil and gas-fired boilers, the system’s efficiency is contingent on the correct draught given.

The chimney can produce the following results if not properly regulated:

  • A rise in the level of emission.
  • Unnecessarily expensive fuel rates.
  • A decreased lifespan of the installation.

An exodraft chimney fan system controls the draught to the intended level, and the control makes sure that the intended draught level is achieved.

The result is a boiler that is regularly running at optimal, controllable, and consistent conditions.



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