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  • What is a Particle Filter?

    Exodraft has developed an electrostatic particle filter that sits as the last part of the chimney and removes most of the particles that are formed during combustion. The filter thus removes the probably harmful emissions from the combustion process and, together with the integrated Draftbooster, provides better combustion.
  • How do you use the filter?

    As soon as the filter is installed on the chimney, it will start automatically when it measures a rising temperature in the chimney. The filter must always be powered when using the stove.
  • What chimneys can the filter be used on?

    The filter can be used on chimneys where a single, closed fireplace up to 10 kW is connected. In general, the filter can be used on all types of chimneys. If the filter does not replace the last part of a steel chimney and it becomes longer, the chimney must still comply with the supplier's instructions / specifications. The standard chimney adapter has an outer diameter of 145mm and can be mounted on a round chimney. For other chimneys, we can help find the right adapter.
  • What fireplaces can the filter be used on?

    Closed fireplaces up to 10kW
  • Who can / should install the filter?

    The filter must be installed by an authorized partner.
  • Can the filter improve combustion and alleviate ignition problems?

    Yes, the built-in Draftbooster optimizes combustion and can also help during ignition. See the manual for details.
  • Can the filter reduce indoor noise?

    Yes, the built-in Draftbooster optimizes the chimney draft and thus avoids getting smoke in the living room by re-firing.
  • Should the filter use power?

    Yes, the filter must be connected to a standard 230V power outlet with a grounding.
  • Is the filter self-cleaning?

    Yes, the filter is equipped with an automatic cleaning function. The filter should be cleaned minimum once a year. This can be done, for example, along with chimney sweeping.
  • What does the maintenance filter require?

    The filter should cleaned minimum once a year. This can be done, for example, along with chimney sweeping.
  • Can the filter remove odor?

    No, the filter can remove particles, but not the substances that make up the smoke odor.
  • Can the filter remove visible smoke?

    Yes, because the smoke is primarily made up of particles and these are removed by the filter, visible smoke will largely be removed. During the ignition phase, there may be some visible smoke which consists primarily of condensing water vapor.
  • What does the filter remove and how effective is it?

    The filter removes most of the particles that are formed during combustion. The filter can remove 95% of particles measured by number and 70-75% of particles measured by mass. Many of the ultra-fine, and thus probably harmful, particles will be removed from the flue gas.
  • Does the filter make noise?

    The filter has a built-in smoke extractor which increases the chimney draft. This gives a constant but very low noise level. During cleaning, the filter will emit an audible sound for a few seconds.
  • What is the filter made of?

    All plate parts inside the filter are made of stainless steel.
  • How long is the cable?

    The cable has a length of 5m.
  • What should I do when the chimney sweep comes?

    You must inform your chimney sweep that the filter is installed. The power plug of the filter must be removed from the socket when working on the chimney. Ensure that the plug is not inserted inadvertently.
  • What colors can the filter come in?

    It can be supplied in gloss stainless steel or in black painted.
  • Can the chimney sweep still sweep the chimney from the top of the chimney?

    This requires an adapter with a built-in cleaning element. If the cleaning flap is not part of the adapter, sweep the chimney from below. If in doubt, it is probably a good idea to contact your chimney sweeper.
  • Does the filter have local approvals?

    Yes - The DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) has granted the particle filter a general technical approval (abZ*). If you want to read more about this (in German), then click here: https://exodraft.de/faq/kamin-feinstaubfilter/
  • How tall is the filter?

    The filter has a height of approx. 95 cm.
  • How big is the power consumption of the filter?

    The filter has a maximum power consumption during operation of 90W. The typical consumption during operation is 60W. Standby power consumption is 2W.
  • Should the filter be turned on / off?

    No, the filter just needs to be powered and turns on automatically as soon as it measures a temperature rise in the chimney.
  • Can I use the stove without the filter turned on?

    No, the filter must always be connected to the power supply and be switched on as soon as it is mounted on the chimney. If the stove is used without the filter turned on, the filter will be damaged
  • What should the chimney sweep do?

    He must check the filter according to the service section of the user manual