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Illustration of chimney fan mounted on top of a chimney

Fireplaces and stoves

Troubles lighting the fire in a fireplace or woodburning stove happen in one out of every four homes. Some of the most frequent issues are:

Issues igniting the fire

If you have trouble igniting the fire, it may be that you’re using improper firewood, or that there is a lack of chimney draught.

Chimney draught is created from the variation between the low exterior temperature and high chimney temperature. It may be hard to ignite a fire if the chimney remains cool during this process. As such, the draught is narrow.

The firewood used to light the fire must be dry, and you need to begin with small pieces of wood when igniting the fire. Upon doing so, the fire will grow fast and develop the required heat for a proper chimney draught.

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Gas fireplaces

Gas-operated combustion systems need rather high safety precautions. Seeping gas can result in extreme fire, poisoning, or explosions and, as such, must be bypassed.

The exodraft chimney fan solutions for gas systems consist of several systems. They include a flowmeter system, a chimney fan, a maintenance switch, a Gastec approved control, and accessories.

exodraft provides a few different chimney fans for gas:

  • RSHG with horizontal discharge
  • RHG with horizontal discharge
  • RSVG with vertical discharge
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bio fuel illustration

Boilers/Pellet Ovens

A chimney is perfect for a specific point of operation. That said, if a biofuel furnace is still utilized during the year, the natural chimney draught won’t always permit optimum conditions for operation.

The natural chimney draught differs throughout the year, and if a biofuel furnace doesn’t have enough draught, it can result in troubles such as soot deposits, difficulty lighting, the fire going out, or the flue gas failing to discharge.

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